Embody the essence of your creativity.

If you're ready to reach the highest levels of creativity, I invite you to step into Creative Enchantment.

It's a state of wonder, awe and beauty that allows your wildest dreams to unfold naturally. It's an awakening journey that puts you in touch with your primal creative energies.

Outlandish dreams come true via the unique expression of your authentic being. Obstacles cease to exist and force is no longer needed to make things happen.

Your mere being-ness becomes your way of influencing the world around you.

Creative Enchantment is not an temporary journey, like a meditation or retreat. It is waking up to the reality that you are an artist who is destined to design a beautiful new world. 


Are you harboring something deeply exciting that feels too vague to pursue, too big to tackle, or beyond your reach?

Most of us have these wild dreams, but we keep them locked up in our imaginations as distant possibilities, never allowing them to come true.

It's not enough to envision big outcomes. You have to also grow your capacity to hold the "energetic size" of your dream. When the dream feels larger than your being, you will either shrink it down to your current capacity, or you will give up on it altogether.

In order to transition your dream from the invisible realm to physical reality, it has to become embodied within you: You have to know without a doubt that you have all the strengths, capabilities, and gifts to carry out your visions.

The Creative Enchantment program teaches you how to discover the hidden elements of your true nature and expand yourself so that your body can contain the energy of your dream.

By the end of your journey, you will feel a profound sense of resourcefulness. You will suddenly know exactly what you need to do and how to get it done.


How Creative Enchantment works

Takeoff. Into the unknown

See your essence: Who are you, really? What is the essence of your creative power? What makes your dream incredibly special? Tap into the unknown through the symbolic language of your dreams, imagination and the creative arts to reveal these answers. 

Landing. Ground your dream

Make it real: Welcome in new dimensions of Self. Receive your essence sensuously in your body so that it becomes a physical knowing. Transition your dream from an idea in the imagination to an embodied realization that it is going to happen.

Who is the program designed for? 


Creative Enchantment is for artists who want to be a pioneer in their

field. If you sense that you have a creative purpose, want to birth creations that the world has never seen, feel the urge to stop mimicking others and seek a path that is unconstrained by norms and rules, this program is for you!


How much is the program?


First time clients start with a 4-week journey for $2000. This includes four 60-minute Zoom sessions and continuous support via text and voice memos. If you would like to continue beyond four weeks, I offer a pay-as-you-go option for $500 per week. 


Ready to enter Creative Enchantment?