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Your true nature is wildly creative. It wants to be free from the past and released from the weight of rules, conventions and expectations. 

Your creativity is only limited by the mind and its attachment to what it already knows. Thinking outside the box is simply more thinking - and that is nothing new! If you want to step outside the 'normal' range of creativity, you have to go beyond your intellect.

Originality comes from a deeper place - your innate connection to an endless stream of inspiration, ideas and insight. True creativity is a whole body phenomenon that surpasses your mental processes.

Creative Enchantment lets you experience creativity instead of just learn about it. It uses artistic play to transcend your mind and unlock your creative genius.



Play with elements of sound, writing, visuals, textures and art to "cross train" your creativity muscles

Increase sensory acuity to perceive the world in a new, enchanting way revealing beauty all around

Generate work that is inspired by your creative essence and has your unique energetic signature

Creative Enchantment isn't like typical information-loaded workshops with theories and methods to memorize.

Instead, you are guided in accessing your innate tools of creativity to discover your own way. 

You'll gain access to the unknown to reveal hidden insights and possibilities.

You'll play fearlessly so that your genius can emerge from you completely.

You are an artist who is destined to design a beautiful new world. 

Host an exciting creativity gathering at a location of your choice. I'll design an event that will ignite wonder and awaken your senses. Take creative risks, find your muse and unearth hidden gems while connecting with artistic souls. Experience an array of creativity exercises that will fire you up! Creative Enchantment can be tailored for personal or corporate events, in person or virtually.

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Hi, I'm Bianca Dove

When I unleashed my artistic and creative potential, I also found my purpose, identity and freedom. Existential boredom was transformed into a wonder and awe for life. The constant need to heal and improve myself was replaced by an appreciation for my wholeness as a creative human being. Today I work with women who want to make the world more beautiful, in their own distinct way. I play with symbols and dream language to access beauty from unknown realms. I write poetry and paint with watercolors to express what I see.

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