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Imagine pursuing your dreams with the knowing that they will happen

Manifesting isn't hard. In fact you do it all the time. However, creating big beautiful outcomes becomes a struggle when you rely heavily on positive thinking. 

The law of attraction doesn't work. Simply focusing more on what you want doesn't make your dreams appear any faster.

That's because affirmations and positive thinking aren't enough to fully align you with your aspirations.

Complete alignment means having all 4 aspects of you on board: Your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

The Creative Manifestor is a proven 20-minute method that aligns all 4 levels of your being so you can experience awesome manifestations.

What people are saying about The Creative Manifestor...

Bruna Genovese

The Creative Manifestor is AMAZING! It has given me the ability to hone in on what's been holding me back from living my best life, both personally and professionally. I don’t understand why therapists aren’t using something like this! I use it on a daily basis, to bring myself back to presence and alignment, so I can keep the focus on manifesting my dreams.

Denise Ruddick

Bianca made manifestation simple and straightforward. Her unique method will have you feeling abundant immediately! Don’t take my word for it! Try it out and see if her perspective and techniques don’t change your world. They certainly shifted mine!

Sheila Lindskog

Bianca and I studied the same healing modality under the same instruction so when she offered to walk me through The Creative Manifestor I viewed myself in a supportive role. I couldn't have anticipated how mind blowing the perspective shifts she offered were going to be. I'm confident that her method is going to revolutionize how I manifest from here forward. 10/10 highly recommend.

The Creative Manifestor training will help you...

🌟 Discover the specific steps that will actually create real-life success 

🌟 Free yourself from the biggest myths and manifesting traps that most people fall into

🌟 Pick up the "daily clues" about your manifesting blocks so you can fastrack your manifestations

1:1 "hotseat" coaching to get to the heart of your manifesting blocks so you can knock them out!

My 3-phase Creative Manifestor method to instantly create the outcomes you want.

3 days of live group coaching  and hands-on practice (or catch the replay when you're ready!)

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