A Walk in the Stars

Master the 4 dream keys to decoding signs and symbols so you can create your best life in an enchanting group coaching journey.


Signs and symbols appear on your path to guide you. Each sign and symbol you receive is an invitation to step into something greater. 

When I started working with signs and symbols in a more deliberate way, I would see them everywhere! They frequently popped up in my dreams, visions, imagination, oracle cards and waking reality.

It took some time before I could trust myself to use them as navigational tools. For a while, I had a love-hate relationship with them! 

On the one hand, it felt awesome that I was being given a roadmap - and a customized one, nonetheless!

On the other hand, I was frustrated that I didn’t know how to read it!

So, I did what you might expect - I set out to discover existing definitions from multiple dream and symbols dictionaries.

But each time, I was disappointed. The insights felt fluffy, superficial, too general, and just... NOT ME.

And then I came to a pivotal and stormy year in my life where I had to face big, scary decisions that affected my family, relationships, health, career and wealth.

I could see the signs pouring in to guide me towards the best possible future. I could sense that I was sitting on a treasure trove of genius, wisdom and guidance...

But I had to work through a heavy load of mental obstacles and limiting beliefs that were restricting the flow of insight that wanted to come through!

I had to discover and dismantle all the ways I was preventing myself from receiving the guidance I so badly wanted.

Through years of experience with making critical, life-changing decisions with signs and symbols, I bring you all the tools, tips and perspective shifts you need to make signs and symbols your most powerful life compass.

I learned exactly how to interpret symbols for the unique insights that speak to who I am and my specific circumstances. 

I learned exactly how to build my own, custom secret language with my guides and higher wisdom.

A WALK IN THE STARS gives you a complete system and practice for decoding signs and symbols in a way that speaks to your soul and revolutionizes your journey. 

This 3-month group training will activate the 4 dream keys to decoding signs and symbols so you can uplevel all areas of your life.

The dream keys to decoding signs and symbols refer to four aspects of you that need to be activated and attuned. Without fully awakening these keys, it's much more challenging to uncover the deeper, expansive layers of meaning that are hidden in your signs and symbols.

In other words, you are going to be stuck with vague and general insights, and your interpretations aren't going to produce the powerful, 'aha' realizations you are looking for!

Mental Agility

What possibilities can I see? How flexibly and playfully can my mind contemplate new realities? 

Sensory Awareness

What possibilities are palpable to me? How loudly can I "hear" my body guiding me towards expansion?

Open Heart

Do I freely honor my desires? How much permission do I give myself to have what I love?

Creative Guts

Do I fully tap into the power of my will to "make things happen", with and without taking action?


You want to observe signs and symbols more frequently

You want to discover the deeper layers of meaning within your symbols, not just the vague, surface ideas

You want to stop seeing doom-and-gloom or false fantasy outcomes

You want to download long, rich streams of intuitive guidance

You want to trust signs and symbols to take inspired action and build an entirely new future!

12 Weekly videos of insanely valuable teachings, mind-blowing games and thrilling exercises
Bi-weekly live group coaching sessions to work through the exercises and get guidance about your symbols
An online space for your group to exchange insight and receive continued support
  • A private coaching session with me! We'll meet in the first 2 weeks, which will give me a chance to know you better and give you a customized boost to kick things off.  (By the way, I don't offer 1:1 sessions outside this program, so this is your chance to work with me privately).
  • Two pop-up workshops! One will be about next-leveling love & relationships; the other will be about finding your calling and life purpose.
  • Instant access to Reveal the Secrets of Signs and Symbolsa mini-course on how to build your daily practice of working with signs and symbols.

How much is

A Walk In The Stars?

How much is A Walk In The Stars?

I really want this to be the best investment you’ve made in yourself...

Therefore, I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned through the many years I've worked with signs and symbols and offering you a magical 3-month group coaching journey for $4,444.

This is beta pricing! If this program excites you now, sign up below! You can pay in full or monthly.

The doors to my program are always open - so you can join anytime! However, the price increases occasionally as the content grows, so now's your chance to get it at this rate.

Here's more: After your first 3 months, you can continue the journey for only $88/month - with all the same features! This lets you deepen your mastery with all 4 keys for a low monthly fee.

Hey, I'm Bianca (the signs and symbols lady)

I created A WALK IN THE STARS to be the quickest, easiest and most fun way for mystically-oriented individuals to access their higher wisdom and create their destiny. This program offers everything I wish I had when I first started working with signs and symbols! I'm delighted to be your guide on this enchanting journey!

Hey, I'm Bianca

(the signs & symbols lady)

I created A WALK IN THE STARS to be the quickest, easiest and most fun way for mystics to access their higher wisdom and create their destiny. This program offers everything I wish I had when I first started working with signs and symbols!

I'm excited and delighted to be your guide on your journey with signs and symbols!