Accelerate your healing so you can find the relationships, career, health and wealth you dream of.

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Deep transformation, fast results

You are both a physical and light being. Awakening sessions provide a holistic approach to healing by addressing your physical, "3D" reality as well as tapping into the layers of light energy that surround your body. The healing that occurs is much more profound and permanent as it precisely uncovers root of your trauma and wounding.  

Clarify your purpose

If you feel existential boredom or a lack of inspired direction, your awakening session can help you reframe your possibilities and discover your brightest path forward.

End suffering

If you want to eliminate the negative “merry-go-round” patterns in your relationships, career or wealth, your awakening session can help you stop these cycles for good.

Find renewal

If your life is in upheaval and everything around you is falling apart, your awakening session can help you leap out of the old and into a brand new you.

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Nailed my decision

I was so happy I chose to work with Bianca! She knew exactly what I needed in that moment and gently guided me through to other side to reach a business decision. And guess what? Not even 24 hrs later a former client reached out asking if I offered the exact service I had decided on in my session with Bianca! She booked me on the spot. What an incredible confirmation!

- Mia Bell

Got to the heart of my challenge

My experience with Bianca was one of ease and grace. She was incredibly comfortable to sit withand open up to - it was a partnership in uncovering details and the stepping stones that had been hidden from view for my next steps - thank you Bianca! What had come through in our session brought forward the the heart of what I was experiencing, helping me see through the noise.

- Allison Taylor

Epiphanies popped in

My session with Bianca helped me safely offload some pretty big things building up for me. Bianca pulled out key points to help me focus on where I could actually effect change in my life. The epiphanies popped up often over the following days too as the keys fell into place for the next steps. Thanks so much Bianca! If you are drawn to see her I definitely recommend it

- Jen Gower

Manifested exactly what I needed

Bianca has a kind gentle energy that allowed me to open up and release the limitation that was keeping me stuck. Her session was empowering as heck! After just one session I actually took some big leaps in my business and manifested exactly what I needed!!! I was able to attract new clients and added revenue without any hard work!!!!!! Thank you so much Bianca

- Patricia Henderson

Things are so much clearer

Working with Bianca was a wonderful experience, she helped me gain so much clarity, I am feeling so much lighter. I loved how easy she was talk to and how the conversation just flowed, and as we talked things just shifted. We even had some fun, and she brought through some messages from my guides which really allowed things to click for me, and gave me a greater understanding of why things were happening the way they were in my marriage. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

- Kristy Miller

Healing on multiple levels

I had such a great session with Bianca! Her energy creates an easy, comfortable space. I love how she is able to approach a session from multiple angles; we talked about my business, she helped me to decide where to focus next, she was spot-on at intuitively pinpointing what parts of my personal life were affecting my professional life. What sets Bianca apart is how she can support you on multiple levels, I definitely recommend a session with her!

- Jenny Perry McCamish

My session was magical 

My coaching session with Bianca was truly magical! I cannot recommend her enough. She held a totally supportive and safe space, I have lots of new ideas to work on now which I feel will be literally transformational.

- Mandy Carter

Amazing session

I had an amazing session with Bianca! it was like talking with a close friend! If felt safe and witnessed. She was able to tap into what I was feeling and give me a broader perspective on what I am trying to do and where I am trying to go. And the session was SO FUN! I highly recommend Bianca! She is an amazing intuitive Coach!
- Cynthia Steger